2 lbs Yukon gold potatoes.
½ stick 50 grams unsalted butter
Kosher salt
Freshly ground pepper
1 tablespoon fresh or dried thyme
1 tablespoon fresh or dried rosemary
1 cup vegetable or chicken stock
6 cloves garlic minced
1 tablespoon lemon juice

For garnish –
Finely chopped fresh cilantro

  1. Pre heat oven to 500 degree F
  2. Scrub Yukon gold potatoes to remove dirt. Wash under running tap. Drain well and pat dry in kitchen towel.
  3. Peel skin off.
  4. Make 1 inch thick round slices. Make sure all slices are same size. Do not use any potato slice that is less than 1 ½ inch diameter. You want all potato slices to roast evenly in oven.
  5. Transfer cut potato slices in a bowl.
  6. Melt 50 grams butter in microwave on high power for about 15 seconds.
  7. Pour melted butter over potato slices.
  8. Sprinkle kosher salt.
  9. Add finely chopped fresh thyme and rosemary herbs. If you don’t have fresh herbs, use dried thyme and rosemary. Alternatively you can use dill, rosemary and thyme mix of herbs as well. To me- rosemary and potatoes are HEAVEN. So I wouldn’t skip rosemary in the recipe.
  10. Add fresh ground pepper. I used about 2 teaspoon, use as per your spice preference.
  11. Using a spoon, mix everything well. Make sure all ingredients are combined together.
  12. Empty the bowl of potatoes mixed with seasoning and herbs onto metal baking tray.
  13. Arrange potatoes in single layer, ensuring slices are spaced.
  14. Place tray in pre heated oven and roast potatoes at 500 F for about 20-25 minutes or until the bottom is golden brown.
  15. Remove tray from oven, flip all potato slices. Put tray bake into oven and bake for another 15 to 18 minutes until all slices are golden brown.
  16. While potato slices are roasting, add minced garlic and lemon juice to vegetable broth or chicken broth or even beef broth. Mix.
  17. Pour this over roasted golden brown potatoes.
  18. Continue to bake for another 15 minutes.
  19. Potatoes should be tender, should cut like butter with butter knife. And the sauce would thicken.
  20. Let it rest for 5 minutes outside oven.
  21. Using a slotted sharp spoon remove melting potatoes from tray to a serving dish.
  22. Drizzle some thick sauce over it.
  23. Garnish with fresh chopped cilantro.
  24. Serve warm.

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